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What does the Pediatric Fund do?

- This is not the Pediatric Burn Fund. The Pediatric fund has nothing to do with the Burn fund at all

- The Pediatric Fund was started by Ray Swazye and Co. around 1990. This was to have funds stay here in Saskatoon and help kids

- It has expanded so that it helps numerous kids through out the city. Organizations such as CLASI (Community Living Association Saskatoon Inc – Respite programs and Summer Camps), Restorative Action Program (RAP) which is in 9 of the High Schools and expanding, Alvin Buckwald Child Development Center (ABCDC), Autism Society of Saskatoon, Camp Circle of Friends.

- We’ve donated and kept ½ million dollars in Saskatoon helping youth around the city.

- We have seen a decline in funds received. This affects funds donated to those we are helping. 

- If we can build this fund up then we can have a Legacy fund. This would mean that we could start to fund various activities from the interest that is created. This would also, give us the opportunity to fund a major, long lasting project.

Pediatric Fund Account #833540036138