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What Does the burn fund do?

This is not associated with the Pediatric fund. This is a provincial fund. We have a local account by the SPFFA constitution which is meant to help pay for stand ins etc. All funds in this account belong to the parent SPFFA Burn fund.

The burn fund helps with burn victims (we do use the local account for local patients from time to time but must be cleared by the co-chairs and the president)

The Burn Fund has paid for such things as per diems, hotels, other travel expenses for the patients and their families when they have gone out of province for procedures. 

The Burn Fund is active in the recovery with patients as well. We’ve been in contact with patients to help with O.T, P.T, other therapies that are needed. Recently the Burn fund has started working with the “Saskatchewan Burn Support Network”. This is a group of patients that have been working together through the mental rehab side of things. Think about a child that has been burned. They grow into their teen years. They are scarred and still have multiple surgeries ahead of them. The self esteem just isn’t there. We are lucky to have people who are survivors themselves now working with these younsters on a monthly or more basis.

The Burn fund also sponsors education such as “learn not to burn” or the “fire cat” video’s. These are educational material that we have made up. We also send Doctors, Nurses, O.T, P.T, and firefighters to conferences to learn the very latest in Burn/Wound Care.

Lastly, we do a great job at the SPFFA level looking after burn patients and we have sent burn patients to conferences such as the “Canadian Burn Symposium”, “American Burn Association”, “World Burn Congress”, and of course “Burn Camp for kids” and we send kids to both B.C and Alberta. These are events that other survivors go to and learn new coping techniques, wound care, and feel like they are not alone. Burns are a lift time of surgeries. It doesn’t stop.

Burn Fund Account #833540035890